Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Proposal, in detail - Part One

The Final Major Project needs to provide me with an amount of work that, within the given time scale, January-May 2014, will be achievable yet challenging, will demonstrate my best work, will allow me to produce work that enables my strengths and skills to compliment it, will be enjoyable and engaging and enable me to produce a quality of work that I will be able to present in my portfolio.

Although the proposed track is a GoKart circuit as opposed to some of the large scale international circuits featured in some of the games described in the previous post the location is ideal for a solo project considering the time-frame. As described earlier, the Stretton Circuit is 850m in length located in a rural area of Leicester and in contrast to larger scale race circuits, the complex sits in a more confined area creating an environment with lots of interest within it including a pit lane building and outdoor seating/ spectator area, a huge array of race-circuit oriented props such as tire-walls, cones, flood lights, starting grid etc. with lots of surrounding interest also, including near-by buildings, Leicester airport, as well as lighting, fencing and lots of foliage including plenty of grasses and bushes lining the track and over-hanging trees, there is isn't any large open, empty areas like you might usually find at outdoor race circuits.

One of the biggest advantages of this project is the fact that the Stretton Circuit is located in Leicester which means I will be able to go and collect reference first hand. Without this option the project could not be executed properly and would simply not be viable as I aim to follow the same procedures as a real development studio by visiting the circuit before the production stages in order to photograph the circuit in detail, and hopefully, have the opportunity to actually walk the track in order to gather this reference. As this is a fairly demanding request I have already been in contact with the Stretton Circuit during the summer 2013, in order to explain my plans for the FMP and make my proposal.

Stretton Circuit contact;
  • First contacted 24/4/13, recommended I speak to Stuart or Ruth Bingham who are the owners of the track.
  • 24/4/13, spoke to Stuart Bingham and my proposal to use the circuit for my FMP was accepted
  • August 2013, visited track for Minimoto practice day, had the opportunity to spend the day riding the track as well as taking an opportunity to gather some initial reference photograph's (see below)
  • Update; 4/12/2013, Contacted Stretton Circuit in order to make plans to gather track reference before Christmas, spoke to Ruth Bingham circuit owner, ok to go ahead.

With this considered I can expand on my project idea and begin to develop more in-depth aims and objectives. As stated, my two main project aims, the re-creation of the Stretton Circuit in detail as well as the inclusion of an in-game vehicle that should be playable will be the largest components of the project and therefore demand most of the time. As well as these I have also considered other elements that I could potentially expand upon, time permitting, that would enhance the finished quality of my project. The table below illustrates these aims, prioritised from top to bottom, no priority from left to right;

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